A Toot in the Wind
February 3, 2012

One of the sticking points on “the spiritual path” is the belief/feeling that you are the “I” thought. Let’s dig a little deeper. Can a thought EVER experience anything? No. Why? Because it itself is an arising. How can an arising experience another arising? Could one shadow “know” another shadow? Could one painting “know” another painting? No.

A thought does not receive info, it broadcasts it. It arises as it simultaneously tells whatever story it has to tell. And how does it do this? Via sound. You hear it (although precisely where is a mystery!).

Being clear that a sound cannot receive info; that it can only disperse it, and that is ALL it can ever do, can be extremely helpful in deconstructing the illusory “I.” As my cousin Dena Drucker Woods so beautifully said last night on facebook, a thought is a “toot in the wind.” You are what is Aware of or silently notices the “toot.” No YOU, no “toot.” However, no “toot” and yet you STILL ARE!! You are ALWAYS present, regardless of what is or is not arising. Rest peacefully in what you already are.

–Michael Jeffreys

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