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April 23, 2017


YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved. Is it not always now? When has it ever been not now?? “Past” and “future” are both concepts and can only appear when? Now!

Life moves through you like a river that never stops. But we have it backwards. We take the transient objects (people, places, things) to be real and miss what never comes, goes or changes… that which is ever-present. What to do? Notice this! Notice that YOU = NOW. For what can be more real, more actual, more immediate than right NOW?

Michael Jeffreys


Be Here Now is a Concept
May 9, 2012

Even saying “be here now” is conceptual. Why? Because here is location, i.e., space, and now is time, both mental concepts. There is no here and there is no now. There is only, ever, WHAT’S HAPPENING, as Tony Parson’s says, “In free fall.”

To the mind this makes no sense and will be resisted. Why? Because the mind IS time (and of course space, as it needs a “place” to appear!) When illusory thoughts are seen through, there is only whatever is apparently happening, sans cause. As Albert Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Seeing this clearly is awakening from the dream of separation.

–Michael Jeffreys

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