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February 25, 2018

heart centered leadership

“The leaders have to be very authentic and open with themselves and in expressing in that way. So that’s the new type of leadership that we’re embodying.

A lot of the beings I see that are a part of this, they’re already heart centered beings; a lot of times it’s really about stepping into a new level of confidence within themselves and trusting themselves.

So, it’s not just like, ‘oh, I’m so confident.’ It’s just about trusting your heart, trusting what’s coming through your heart each moment, and you’re letting that guide you. And so that’s what we are moving into, heart centered leadership.”

-Nazarah Merah

Facebook Question

TOM: Michael, how would you say acceptance of “not knowing” relates to what Nazarah is saying here? Thanks.

MICHAEL: Hi Tom. Mind is fear based, heart is love based. “Not knowing” opens up the space so the heart can come in. If you go straight to mind, you by-pass the heart and thus are stuck in a self made, fear based, imaginary world.

It’s when the wave wakes up and remembers it’s the ocean that its allegiance shifts automatically from thinking in terms of being an individual, separate wave, to now knowing itself in terms of literally being the whole ocean.

Thus, our actions, words and deeds (whether or not we are consciously aware of it), always reflect where we are coming from every second… head or heart, fear or love, me or we.

When Words Fall Far, Far Short. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 24, 2016


So I just came back from my dentist. After 6 visits over the past two months and a lot of prep work, my permanent bridge was finally ready to be installed. Although, like many of us, I don’t have insurance and didn’t have the money to pay for it, a dear client gave me a generous Christmas check which helped cover it.

As I was getting up out of the dental chair, feeling grateful that I would soon be able to chew hard food again, I casually asked my dentist how her twenty-something year-old son was. I had not seen him around the office lately, but I used to see him quite often last year when I would come in, sitting at the computer playing video games. We would chat and he would tell me which games he liked to play as well as his passion for bike riding. A very friendly and outgoing young man.

Well suddenly, the energy in the room shifted and my dentist’s eyes began to tear up, and she said, her voice choking-up, “He passed away in a biking accident…. why did God take him!?” And overcome with emotion, she went into her office and closed the door behind her, leaving me and her assistant standing there in silence. The assistant also had tears in her eyes, as did I.

During a moment like this, all words fall far, far short. My dentist had transformed into a grieving mother right before my eyes, and there were no words to console her broken heart. Her assistant told me she doesn’t really talk about it to patients, but in this moment, my innocently asking how he was, two days before Christmas, was too much for her to keep it all inside. And so out poured a mother’s profound sadness and grief for the loss of her only son.

She didn’t come out of the office, and so the assistant and I exchanged a few words of compassion, and then I hugged her good-bye and left. I was deeply touched by what I had just unexpectedly witnessed. I drove home in the LA rain in silence. I had gone in to have work done on my teeth, but it was my heart that was transformed.

Michael Jeffreys 12/23/16

My mantra for today which YOU are welcome to use if it resonates…
February 8, 2014

mj heart soften rainbow rose pic quote

The Now is What’s Left After Everything Else Burns Up
December 6, 2012

burning heart

Let the fire in your heart burn EVERYTHING away so that there is nothing left. Every thought, feeling, opinion, comment, like, dislike, etc. The whole lot. Until there is absolutely nothing left but this moment.

-Michael Jeffreys

Facebook comment:

Debi: That does take practice for sure.

Michael: Debi… and if you let that thought burn up too? 🙂

Debi: I see, thank you!

The Myth of Love
August 31, 2012

The myth of LOVE has caused untold suffering… The myth of LOVE says that you get love by being a good person, by earning it, or by getting the approval/attention of someone you admire. You don’t get LOVE because you are a good person or because you deserve it or because you have earned it. And you don’t get it from another person (nor is it possible for you to actually give it to another!).

Authentic LOVE, the Heart’s LOVE, is within you and nowhere else! “If this is so Michael, than how come I don’t feel it?” Because you have innocently bought into the belief, the conditioning, the programming, the brainwashing that society, advertising, the media, and even from your own parents (and they, innocently, from their parents, etc), that love is something outside yourself that must be earned or given to you by another. That it’s NOT something you already are. This is a lie.

And when you believe this lie, you naturally (and again, innocently) miss the fact that YOU ARE the LOVE you have been seeking. Imagine a river looking for water on land!? ha! Well, that’s exactly what you are doing when you seek love outside yourself. You are going in the opposite direction from where you want to go.

Silently turn within and notice the LOVE that is the inherent aliveness that is looking out your eyes right now. The open heart loves unconditionally and causelessly… It is 100% the conditioned mind that is under the illusion that love must be earned and that it has “good” reasons why some people/things are not loveable.

Why does the mind do this? Because it has been conditioned to believe that love is rare, not abundant and therefore limited, and thus there is only so much to go around. And understandably, when seen from this limiting perspective, the mind rations what it believes to be its own love (but which in fact is only egoic desire and has nothing to do with love!) and tries to hold on to it very tightly and only “gives it” to those people/things it deems worthy.

Again, this is not love at all, but rather judgment and ego. And yes, even the mind’s judgment and ego are totally loveable when the heart is fully and forever busted wide open. Remember, Love loves. Anything else ain’t love.

-Michael Jeffreys

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