“How to Be Free of Anxiety & Depression” full CE radio show
June 19, 2014

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For anyone who has ever suffered or is currently suffering from panic attacks, anxiety or depression…

Michael Jeffreys, Tom Bunzel, and Collective Evolution radio host Mark DeNicola have a frank discussion of their own personal experiences and the ways each found to deal with, and eventually become free of our personal emotional and physical pain.

Tom shares several personal stories of suffering bouts of intense depression and anger, and the wisdom that comes from such experiences. Michael shares from the non-dual perspective and how the seeing through of one’s believed in stories leads to freedom. And Mark shares about his personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks, as well as asking questions that will be helpful to the listener and keeping the show moving at a nice flow.

Click link below (or picture above) to listen on youtube:

How to Be Free of Anxiety & Depression full show 



Tried “Oil Pulling” Today for the First Time
June 11, 2013

tj virg coconut oil

I tried “oil pulling” today for the first time. Basically you swish around a mouth full of virgin coconut oil (Trader Joe’s is where i got mine) for 20 mins. Suppose to have a million health benefits including better sleep, whiter teeth, lowers craving for carbs., “pulls” the bacteria out of your gums that brushing doesn’t touch.

Even in hair and on skin gives health benefits (since most of the drug store lotions don’t seem to do anything for dry skin, I am happy to give this a try… so far, me likey!)… plus, it smells good and has several health supporting vitamins in it.

On this video, Corey Hedgepeth explains the benefits he found when he tried “oil pulling” with virgin coconut oil (as you’ll see, he uses Trader Joe’s as well!). I really like the casual park setting and the chill way Corey shares his experience:


-Michael Jeffreys

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