You, the One Seeing the mystery, is the mystery. -GP Walsh… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 9, 2019


The One
Seeing the mystery
Is the mystery.

-GP Walsh

MICHAEL: 9 simple words that have the power to awaken one from the dream of separation. From “me and other,” to You, Mystery seeing Itself… and realizing that’s all that’s been going on this entire time in all its infinite permutations. Endlessly fresh, new, and mysterious… all of it… even what is observing it.


“EVERYTHING is an expression of the One…” -GP Walsh. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 6, 2018

sun rays

“EVERYTHING is an expression of the One. The idea that the expression exists INDEPENDENTLY of the One is the essence of the belief in the person, that is the essence of the separate self. THAT doesn’t exist. THAT is just a thought projected upon what does exist.”

-GP Walsh

MICHAEL:┬áLike the Sun’s rays are not separate from the Sun, but an expression of it.

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