Volition is a Secondary Illusion
September 12, 2013


The concept of volition is a secondary illusion, which requires the belief in a primary illusion: that there is an actual separate entity capable of making its own, independent decisions. If there is no separate “self”, than who is there to be or choose anything apart from LIFE?

FREEDOM is already the case; ironically, it’s the erroneous belief that we are a separate being, apart from everything else, that causes, often intense, suffering. The reality is that nothing is broke… so there is nothing to fix. All there is is seeing reality AS IT IS, rather than through a screen of beliefs, opinions, prejudices and judgments, which were never original to us, pure Consciousness, to begin with.

–Michael Jeffreys

“I am the doer,” and “I am NOT the doer” (meditation picture quote)
August 13, 2013

mj quote leaf-in-water

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