You obviously already are… so who is this “I” you think you are?? new MJ Awakening Blog
July 28, 2015

false I

The thing to “get” is that the little “I” is redundant. You exist, so You obviously already are. Since that is already the case, the sense of a separate “me” is a secondary mind made egoic “I” that doesn’t exist as an actuality, but singularly as an appearance, an energetic movement, a contraction, a phenomenal experience like any other appearance. But when it’s mistaken for You, suffering is experienced since, again, You are already You! The little “I” is simply an impostor (or a parasite, as Paul Hedderman calls it) pretending to be You.

What to do? Notice this. Become aware of it. Since the little “I” doesn’t actually exist, there is nothing to get rid of. Just notice this and keep noticing… eventually it will become obvious that all is well and the little “I” has never been You.

-Michael Jeffreys

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