NKOSI: “A place where there’s no words.” (audio to music) video
August 29, 2021

NKOSI: “A place where there’s no words.” (audio to music)

New Audio excerpts from a private session between Alice and Nkosi. (Shared with their permission.)

“What is it that’s here that never goes away?”

“A place where there’s no words.”

“It may sound like I’m talking to a person, but I’m not. I know that there’s no one there.”

“Words don’t stick to This. They don’t change it to something else.”

“Exactly what’s happening now is This.”

“Nothing matters to This.”

“You’ve never done anything.”

“It’s the attention that goes to objects, to what’s happening, not you.”


Michael Jeffreys “Doubtless Freedom: Truth is what IS.” 7-29-20 Satsang video
July 30, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “Doubtless Freedom: Truth is what IS.” 7-29-20 Satsang


1. Truth is… what IS


2. If we’re still not clear on our true nature, on what IS, then there’s always going to be doubts. And that’s what we’re bumping up against.

3. At Satsang we often hear, “I had it, I lost it!” Let’s take a look at this… can we lose what IS?

PETER: It cannot be lost because it always IS.

4. Where’s your allegiance? Is your allegiance to what always is, always has been, always will be? Or, is your allegiance to the me? To the psychological mental construct that’s all over the place!?

5. The me tries to negotiate. It says, “Ya, ya, I know there’s One Truth, BUT…” Everything after the “BUT…” is false.

6. If you take your story and set it aside, what’s left?

JOAN: Nothing. It’s just an empty, blank space.

7. There has to be the changeless to know change.

8. This is a letting go of all stories. Stories can be entertaining, but like Santa Claus, none of ’em contain Truth.

9. Truth doesn’t have an agenda. Agenda’s are for me’s, not for Truth.

10. At Satsang we’re not interested in your story or my story or any story. We’re interested in what’s ever-present and prior to ALL stories, full-stop.

11. What IS is always and only what IS. And nobody made it and no one can take it away. That is Immortality… Unborn.

12. The body has changed continuously, non-stop. But You, have You changed? The one looking out the body… that Conscious-Awareness… effortless… ever-present… no “on” or “off” switch to it.

13. There’s no doing to become what you already are. And the me’s a doer… the body is an action figure.

14. The sky is like awareness and the clouds are the different arisings… thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations. And the sky doesn’t cling to the clouds… notice that the sky does nothing… the clouds come and they go all by themselves. And that’s how it is for us. All your feelings, thoughts emotions… they’ll leave on their own. You’re eternal. Anything that arises is going to pass. You’re not going anywhere.

**My internet connection went out after 26 mins. and so Satsang abruptly/unexpectedly ended at that point. (No doer!) I’m happy that the video still recorded and is available to those seeking doubtless Freedom. Remember, you already are what you seek.

Michael Jeffreys “Your true nature is wordless, formless, unlimited,and ever-present.” 7-22-20 Satsang video
July 23, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “Your true nature is wordless, formless, unlimited & ever-present.” 7-22-20 Satsang


1. Satsang is about getting clear on your original nature, before the conditioning took hold.

2. What you are is prior to “I am this” or “I am that.”

3. We get so lost in the conditioning that we completely forget the naked I AM presence that is our original nature… wordless and formless, yet ever-present.

4. The me is the cause of all the suffering yet we don’t want to let it go… so just notice that, notice your attachment to this me.

5. The original I AM that you are (right now, full-stop!) is wordless.

6. When this starts to click for you, you won’t be able to hold on to your stories like you once did.

7. So the prescription is to rest as this I AM, this wordless presence that you are, as much as possible.

8. “Having never left the house you are looking for the way home.”
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

Getting back home is not a doing, because we’re already home. It’s stopping long enough to realize that.

9. The whole dream crumbles when you see that it’s all propped up by words. Without a story, has anything ever happened?

10. Stop and really look: Where are you in this? Try to actually locate yourself. Whether in a story you’re believing, a problem, a thought, a feeling, etc. You’ll find that you can’t actually find yourself in anything!

11. You’ve never been a thought.

12. Our habit is to go right into the problem, and we forget that something has to be aware… something has to exist PRIOR to the thought to even know that there’s a thought/problem. What is that something?

13. This (looks around) is not real… You’re real! Reality is real and Reality doesn’t change.

14. MICHAEL: Stay here in the not knowing. DIANE: And that’s the best place to be… you can’t lose from that place.

Prior to knowing that ‘you are,’ what knowledge did you have? -Nisargadatta Maharaj. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 21, 2020

nisargadattas eyes

Prior to knowing that ‘you are,’ what knowledge did you have?
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

MICHAEL: Before your body was born, what did you know? Nothing. Thus the recommendation is to stay as the silent I AM, the sense of pure presence here/now, which is prior to “I am this or that.” Do this as often as possible.

Zoom Satsang w/ Michael 6-24-20, Weds., 6pm (PST)
June 21, 2020

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Michael Jeffreys is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. (For those drawn to the nondual message.)

“The quieter the mind… the louder the SILENCE” -Michael

Topic: Satsang w/ Michael
Time: Jun 24, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Addiction to STORY obscures ever-present Silence. New MJ Awakening Blog
June 2, 2019


What’s present that’s not a word?


Reminds me of a children’s riddle:

I am ever-present… indeed I am here now, and yet you cannot see me. What am I?”  

Inquiry: Does Silence have ANY story?

Michael Jeffreys

What are YOU awakening to? New MJ Awakening Blog
March 19, 2019


What are You awakening to? The clear recognition of the ONE GREAT REALITY within all things… impersonal, ever-present, timeless Consciousness.

-Michael Jeffreys

p.s. Knowing/Awareness/Consciousness is King, because how can there be objects w/o the knowing of them? An object can’t know itself.

And Knowing can never become anything because knowing is not in time. If it was, what would know it?

It’s the clear (beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt) Conscious recognition that TIME has nothing for you. If it did, You would no longer be TIMELESS.

Truth cannot be found. New MJ Awakening Blog
February 11, 2019

see truth

“Truth is before the intellect, before thought. Truth has nothing to do with the intellect or thought.” -Paul Gorman

MICHAEL: Because there is only Truth.

Has what’s Silently Observing THIS moment ever moved? New MJ Awakening Blog
January 25, 2019


Has what’s Silently Observing THIS moment ever moved?

Michael Jeffreys

Are You a concept or Absolute Reality?  New MJ Awakening Blog
May 3, 2018

pink lotus emerald green background

Are You a concept or Absolute Reality? 

Man is a concept. Woman is a concept. Paul, Sally, Ravi, Karen, etc. are concepts. Brother, sister, mother, father are all concepts that were learned, told to you from someone else. World is a concept. We are swimming in a sea of learned concepts… words that are not original, not native to us.

THAT which is AWARE of ALL concepts, every single word that exists in all languages or will ever exist, is NOT a concept.

You are not a concept… no concept defines you because all concepts appear IN you, the changeless, the timeless, the unmanifested, the unborn, Absolute Reality. 

Michael Jeffreys

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