Realizing You’ve NEVER been out of the Now. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 5, 2019



“Acknowledging that there is nothing else can be made easier by deeply recognizing that it’s impossible to leave this moment. It simply can’t be done. This moment after all is the only thing that’s real. I’ll say it again: this moment is the only thing that’s real.

So if you can’t leave this moment, how often do you believe that you can?

Recognizing this fact can help silence the mind. After all, what more is there to think about once you acknowledge that past and future are an illusion?

There’s obviously no need to think about the present, so what need is there to think then? The more this becomes apparent the more you will awaken. Self-realization after all, is the realization of eternity… the truth that exists outside of thought.

The awakened state awaits you in eternity – not in time. Eternity has only one moment – this one.”

-Kyle Hoobin

MICHAEL: Worth meditating on deeply: “this moment is the only thing that’s real.”


A good first step in “waking up”… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 7, 2017


A good first step in “waking up” is loosening your identification with what you think you know. The mind claims to know (with a self imposed sense of certainty!?) so many things, but in actuality nothing can be truly known. Why? Because the Source of what all “THIS” is is unknowable! Where does everything come from? Where is everything happening or unfolding? Where does everything go? Any answer is only a concept, and that’s all the mind can ever provide.

The mind is an appearance in THIS, an object; You are what is aware of the inert mind. Thus, You can begin to see that you have NEVER been the mind, but always what is aware of it.

And so, we can begin to meet this moment as it is: raw, naked, a swirl of energies coming and going spontaneously and all completely un-pin-down-able.

As Eckhart says, “You don’t have a life, You ARE life.” Meaning, the idea of “having a life” is separation: there’s a “me” who has a “life.” But this is false because it’s two, duality. Reality is one without a second or non-dual. And you are THAT.

Michael Jeffreys

“You don’t have a Life, You are LIFE” new MJ Awakening Blog
January 13, 2017


Last Wednesday night at the West LA Satsang, I said, “Right here now, look around you. Whatever is presently happening, all of it… the room, the walls, the bodies sitting in chairs, the air, the light, the sounds, etc. is LIFE happening. And there is only one LIFE, however it is appearing.”

At this point I reached behind me and pulled out from behind my desk a box of LIFE cereal to which I had glued on, in black letters, the word: ‘MY.’ I then tossed it in the middle of the circle and continued, “This being the case, the idea that there is this separate thing called, ‘My Life’ is a complete illusion and the cause of my suffering. It’s an add-on, an overlay, a redundancy that has nothing to do with reality, but only exists in my mind as an idea. And it’s this project of trying to manage, protect and grow this imaginary, separate ‘My Life’ that is the source of all my problems.

Life is all there is and all that is ever happening… and there are not two LIFE’s… as Eckhart Tolle said, ‘You don’t have a life, you are life‘.”

It’s the direct realization of this that makes all the difference.

Michael Jeffreys

Stillness has no story to tell or defend (picture meditation quote)
December 8, 2013

MJ stillness quote purple flower

The Sheer Artificiality of it All
May 11, 2013


I decided, for the first time in quite a while, to look at the webpages of CNN, TMZ, and Yahoo again to see if they hit me any differently these days. (I canceled my cable TV about 4 years ago and stopped going to internet news/gossip websites about 4 months ago.) What hit me the most? The sheer artificiality of it all. More than, “Oh, look at all these ‘problems’ they are manufacturing and hanging out there for the ‘fish’ to bite on,” but rather, just the sheer emptiness of it all.

Like fast-food, all the content just felt filled with empty calories and contained nothing substantial, nothing ‘good for you,’ nothing healing, nothing was very deep. All surface accusations and ‘he said, she said.’ First they paint the problem, and then they ask you your opinion of it and you are sucked right in. And before you can leave, another video automatically starts to keep you feeding on the empty calories.

And what we forget is the entire ‘experience’ takes place between our ears. And here’s the kicker: by focusing on what we are NOT, we miss what we ALREADY effortlessly and timelessly are and have always been: pure Consciousness. That which is aware of all forms, but is itself formless.

-Michael Jeffreys

Can the Changeless be Harmed by Change?
May 10, 2013

canyon light

In a way, when we believe a thought can hurt us, we are claiming that changeless, formless, eternal Awareness can be hurt, injured or made to feel bad in some way. But is this actually our direct experience, or are we simply taking the thought at ‘face value,’ without actually investigating it?

If something is claiming to be ‘you,’ is it not worth investigating it to see if the claim is valid before you agree to the suffering it seems to suggest you should take very seriously and thus be experiencing? And most tellingly, if YOU are the one conducting the investigation, than how can the thought be you?

-Michael Jeffreys

LIFE does not have a PAUSE button
April 28, 2013


It can be quite a shock when it hits you that LIFE does not have a PAUSE button. That Life is like a river that never,ever, stops flowing. Never. A pause button does not exist. It is simply ALWAYS NOW. Which means that there’s nowhere to get. The only thing “to do” is be present for whatever is currently happening. What else?

-Michael Jeffreys

Peace in the Midst of Suffering
April 21, 2013

double waterfall stream

When we feel something is lacking or missing from our life, in that moment what we are forgetting is that it is not “us” that brings about this experience, but only thanks to Consciousness that we are able to have the experience of “missing something.”

Even if it “feels personal”, it’s still thanks to Consciousness that we are able to experience this thought, feeling or sensation. That is why teachers like Jeff Foster often talk about a peace in the midst of suffering. It’s the realization that something greater than any appearance is the Source of that appearance. When this is seen, sensed, felt, it is possible to shift our attention from the “story of suffering,” to an “okayness” about whatever is happening, and observe it with a sense of awe, gratitude and humility.

-Michael Jeffreys

I Have Never Moved
April 3, 2013

leaf waterfall

I have never moved, nor changed, nor ceased to be.

What I AM I always AM. I am here right now as you read these words on your computer screen.

I am the only thing that does not come or go.

I AM the eternal NOW…

-Michael Jeffreys

The Ego prefers Suffering over Nothing
January 22, 2013

holy shit, don't even know what to call this!

One thing I’ve noticed about those who are “awakened” is that they realize that they haven’t a clue as to who/what they are and are completely comfortable and fully at peace with this. In fact, they often report feeling a great “burden” lifted off their shoulders, as the weight of carrying around a false and heavy identity falls away. They realize that they can function fine, in fact even better, be more present, etc., when “they” are no where to be found!

However, for the vast majority, the fear of the unknown is so terrifying, and the GUILT and SELF-LOATHING so great, that they would (mostly unconsciously) rather hang on to their victim story (I’m depressed, I’m sad, I’m anxious, I’m lonely, Nobody loves me, etc.) than let it go and be free. Yes, clinging to this self-made identity feels absolutely horrible and painful, but at least I know who I am…. after all, it’s a story I am very familiar with.

Being nothing? Forget it says the ego.

-Michael Jeffreys


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