In order to control the dream, the ME MUST believe it’s separate. New MJ Awakening Blog
January 17, 2019


The ME believes that it can control the dream, rather than being a part of, or another aspect of the dream. And thus the ME, by definition, believes/imagines/knows it’s separate from the dream, otherwise how would it be able to influence it?

What observes the dream?

Does that which observes the dream do anything else but observe?

Michael Jeffreys

The Illusion of CONTROL
March 8, 2012

Are you able to sense, to notice, to see that you do not make anything happen? You control nothing. You do not make your thoughts appear or disappear, nor do you have any way of filling their content with “info.” There is no “you” that does anything. You know you did not control or bring about or make happen your own birth. It simply happened. Seeing this clearly, one can then ask, “Since I did not bring about my own birth, at what point did I assume control of Life? And if I somehow believe I did, HOW, exactly, did I do this?”

-Michael Jeffreys

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