The problem with “self help” is it’s based on changing what can’t be changed. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 8, 2018

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The problem with every “self-help” book ever written (and I’ve written three), is that they are all based on an erroneous starting assumption: That what you inherently are, your true nature, is somehow defective, somehow deficient, somehow lacking and needs to be fixed. That’s the message we all receive via societal conditioning from a very early age. That we are not good enough simply as we are.

But this is all based on the mind’s belief/assumption that what you intrinsically are can change!! Notice this. Consciousness is not an object, not in time, so change does not apply to “it” as change requires time and Consciousness is not in time. Do you see?

When this lifelong struggle/habit to fix, change or improve what you already and have always been is dropped because you realize that what you are doesn’t need to change and in fact can’t, what is left? Relief… joy… silence… peace.

Michael Jeffreys


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