Michael Jeffreys “What is HEARING these words right now?” 6-17-20 Satsang video
June 18, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “What is HEARING these words right now?” 6-17-20 Satsang


1. We think of ourselves… we’re tied into this name. It’s helpful to remember that this name is a word, it’s a sound. And a sound, or a name, is not what’s HEARING my words right now.

2. That which is HEARING my words has no name! We use pointers like Brahman, or The Tao, or Source, but those are names too. Even Consciousness is a word, so we have to go beyond even the word Consciousness to what is HEARING? What is SEEING? And what is hearing and what is seeing is not a “thing.”

3. This Consciousness, this Awareness is NOT created. Nobody’s doing it.

4. And this Conscious-Awareness is what we’re forgetting every single time we start from STORY. Cause when I start from story I’m starting from a “me.” And a “me” is a something, it’s an idea, a concept.

And so I’ve already left Consciousness (NOT REALLY!!), but in my story I’ve forgotten my true nature and I’m now believing that I’m this separate entity. I’m a wave, and I have to get back to Ocean. That’s all story! There’s ONLY Ocean. The waves are just an appearance in the Ocean… but it’s all water.

5. Simple Clarity, that’s all.

6. The mind is a labeling machine. It’s not up to the mind to stop labeling, because that’s what the mind does. It’s up to us to understand, to have clarity, that we’re not the mind, just the witness.

7. Here’s the deeper question… the first person that decided to call this planet Earth… where did they get that name from? Do you see how the mind goes silent when I ask such a question? In a way, I’m asking where did the very first spoken word… how did that happen? Where did that word come from? How did it show up? This is a very profound and deep question.



“… the true quality of the words is the presence which speaks the words, the presence behind the words.” -Sri Summairu. New MJ Awakening Blog
January 3, 2018



“The real true value of pointing is not really in the words, though the words can be useful and hold value on the surface layers, the real value is in the abiding consciousness in which the words spring forth from. It’s this constant presence of undivided consciousness that allows for the invitation beyond concepts.

In this sense, and from this shift of perspective, it really doesn’t matter what is said or how it’s said, because the true quality of the words is the presence which speaks the words, the presence behind the words. The words are only a secondary tool to translate or transmit the abiding presence which is always the case in all beings. Presence only uses words for this reason and this purpose alone.

“…that which is not presence, will always have an agenda, in one way or another.” -Sri Summairu

Presence uses everything in life, every event, every experience, absolutely everything for one purpose; to wake itself up.

Presence only wants for us, itself, to be what it naturally is. It’s only our false ideas about reality, which overlay this natural beingness.

Presence knows what it’s doing, it’s our only job to meet it.”

-Sri Summairu


MICHAEL: “Our only job is to meet it.” Thus, I can begin to notice how my attention is constantly going to thought rather than meeting/resting in the natural simplicity of what is already present, here/now, always.

THE PARADOX: What you think you are, you are NOT, and what you can’t think you are, you ARE! … New MJ Awakening Blog
November 27, 2015


The first step to awakening is to admit/realize that “you” are too attached to, too interested in, too blinded by, too involved with and therefore too busy constantly trying to fix, correct, and make better what you think/believe/imagine you are, to notice what you ACTUALLY ALREADY ARE!

The paradox: What you think you are, you are NOT, and what you can’t think you are, you are! Wholeness is not something “you” can bring about or make happen, SINCE IT’S ALREADY THE CASE. All you can “do” is clearly see the false as false, and what was once obscured, that which doesn’t come or go, becomes so blindingly obvious, you wonder how you ever missed it.

-Michael Jeffreys

“Awakening is not the gaining of anything…” new MJ Awakening pic quote
October 4, 2014

mj awakening is loss of everything humming bird pic quote

“Oz Exposed” new MJ Awakening Blog
July 29, 2014



Does the seeking voice in the head actually have ANY verifiable substance behind it? Other than the compulsion to seek, is there anything more to it than that?

–Michael Jeffreys

What spiritual practice will help you awaken the quickest?
July 11, 2014

spiritual excercises

Sometimes seekers inquire about awakening exercises… things they can do to speed up their awakening process. And therein lies the “problem.” The very idea that awakening is a process. It’s not. It’s clear seeing. A process takes time. Clear seeing occurs in a timeless instant.

It’s more direct than a process because you don’t go anywhere or do anything. You simply look, and in the looking comes the spontaneous knowing. This is beyond words or mind. It’s what you are. It’s the recognition of what you have always been. Why would that take any time?

This is why the only reason for doing ANY spiritual practice is so that eventually it can be seen that it ultimately was a glorious failure! I mean, what exercise could you possibly give someone that would get them to stop seeking for two seconds long enough to notice that THIS is all there is? That nothing is hidden… just THIS, no more no less. Doesn’t that kinda make the exercise of moving closer to something in time moot if all there is is what’s spontaneously happening?

-Michael Jeffreys

A Lamborghini by any other Name
April 9, 2012

Have you noticed that LIFE never labels itself or calls itself anything? Look at a tree and nowhere on it will you see it referring to itself as a “tree.” “Tree” is a mental label the mind “puts” onto that tall brown and green shape!!

Look around and see if you can notice how your mind slaps a label onto everything you see (it happens so fast, most of the time we are not even aware of it).

Notice also that no object in life is claiming that it has any significance… again it’s the mind’s projection that makes something “valuable.” For example, I saw a red Lamborghini driving down Montana Ave. today in Santa Monica (was there to buy some yummy fresh cold pressed green juice–liquid gold in a bottle! :), and I noticed the car didn’t say, “Look at me, I’m a 200 k sports car!” In fact, it wasn’t saying anything! It was just being what it was… the thought that, “wow, that’s a brand new 200 K Lamborghini was a 100% mental thought projection onto the image of the car.” Seeing this clearly can be quite liberating!

Final thought: It can be helpful on the “pathless path” to remember that nothing in LIFE claims to be anything… only the mind does this.

-Michael Jeffreys

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