Have You awakened to/recognized your ever-present Divine/Real/True Self within yet? New MJ Awakening Blog
March 16, 2019

joseph s. benner

“This Message is to awaken you to a realization of
what You are, to a realization of your real Self. It
is intended to make you once more conscious of
Me, your Divine Self, so conscious that never
again will you be deceived by that other self,
which you have imagined as being you and which
so long has lured you on by feeding you with its
unsatisfying sense pleasures, its mental
dissipations and emotional delights.

Before that can be it will be necessary for you
thoroughly to know that supposed other self,
that self which You created by thinking it real and
separate from Me, and then kept alive by giving it
the power thus to entice and deceive you; yes,
that self-created self, with its purely selfish pride
and ambitions and imagined power, its love of
life, of possessions, of being thought wise or
good,— but which self is merely your human

personality, which was born only to die as a
separate identity, and as such has no more reality
or permanence that the leaf, the snow or the

-Joseph S. Benner
(from, The Impersonal Life)


Genuine freedom is beyond all words/concepts/thoughts/beliefs about freedom… it simply IS. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 10, 2017


“Freedom is greatly more than the mere freedom from pain, sickness, anxiety, lack and the like. Genuine freedom is freedom to be. It is freedom to be one’s own God-created Self. It is not a reaction against something. It is not even freedom from troubling conditions such as those I have just mentioned.

Genuine freedom is infinitely more than a human reaction against discordant situations. Genuine freedom is not a reaction against some thing. It is even more than freedom from hatred, jealousy, or war. Freedom is. Freedom is being one’s spiritual Identity. It is being one’s Self.

Freedom is not being free to replace one’s human condition for another seemingly better human condition. For instance, it is much more than merely replacing sickness with health, violence with nonviolence, or fear with confidence. We are not even free to engage in the fruitless activity of comparing our freedom or lack of freedom with another’s freedom or lack of it.

In short, freedom is not a replacement of one view of life with another view of life, for to be spiritually free is to be free from comparison.”

-W. Norman Cooper (from, THE NON-THINKING SELF)


MICHAEL: Genuine freedom is beyond all words/concepts/thoughts/beliefs about freedom… it simply IS.



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