The Illusion of Freewill
March 14, 2014


Freewill is an illusion, but due to egoic identity very few are able to clearly see this. As I wrote about in my “5 Myths about Enlightenment” article, the wave is going wherever the ocean “decides” (and even this is not accurate as ALL is simply happening spontaneously and causelessly, i.e. LIFE does not “think”, rather it simply happens!).

There have already been a number of “scientific studies” that demonstrate that thought arrives as late as 6 seconds AFTER our brain has already sent the order for the body to take a certain action.
Another way to see this is simply to realize that you don’t know what your next thought is going to be, so how do you know what you are going to do next??

I understand that for most the idea of not having freewill sounds horrible/depressing, but the truth is you’ve NEVER had it, so what has changed? LIFE has always decided all and in fact not believing this is so is also LIFE! And, if my words have not convinced you, no worries. As Wayne Liquorman says, “Fine, if you think you have freewill than good for you… go use it!”

-Michael Jeffreys

Volition is a Secondary Illusion
September 12, 2013


The concept of volition is a secondary illusion, which requires the belief in a primary illusion: that there is an actual separate entity capable of making its own, independent decisions. If there is no separate “self”, than who is there to be or choose anything apart from LIFE?

FREEDOM is already the case; ironically, it’s the erroneous belief that we are a separate being, apart from everything else, that causes, often intense, suffering. The reality is that nothing is broke… so there is nothing to fix. All there is is seeing reality AS IT IS, rather than through a screen of beliefs, opinions, prejudices and judgments, which were never original to us, pure Consciousness, to begin with.

–Michael Jeffreys

Your Happiness and The Mind Do Not Have to Be Connected
January 5, 2012

Once you have made up your mind that come what may, your Happiness is NON- NEGOTIABLE, than WHO cares what the mind thinks?? Seriously. The problem is that as soon as we feel the mind become unhappy or agitated, WE become unhappy/agitated. That would be like a doctor walking into a room, seeing the sick patient, and thinking he should be sick too!… How sick is that!!? 🙂 Only by staying healthy can the Doctor be of any benefit to the sick. Is it possible to let the mind believe its often intense stories of worry, stress, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem and lack AND still be happy, peaceful and content? Yes, as soon as resting in the timeless intrinsic peace that is already present within you becomes more important to you than whatever your mind thinks.

-Michael Jeffreys

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