That YOU believe you were born is your bondage. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 18, 2020


“The concept of being born as an individual with a
body and mind has been so strongly hammered into
you that you simply refuse to accept anything that
challenges it.” -Pradeep Apte

MICHAEL: The belief/feeling/sense that I am a separate, independent “doer” is so ingrained in us that the idea of even challenging it seems absurd to most. Which is why so few actually awaken. We have a love for this story of “me” and we don’t want to part with it, even if it means continuing to suffering.

There is no freedom in any story. Freedom, You, are PRIOR to all stories. See thru this illusory waking dream; witness it play out as it plays out. You are not in this! You are, and have always been, eternally free.

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