Open KNOWING, not open CLINGING. New MJ Awakening Blog
May 31, 2019

man clinging to diving board

“Just be open, openly knowing… which includes everything, not just the object that you’re fixated on, normally, like thoughts or whatever.

Look now… there’s only here and now knowing.”

-Salvadore Poe

MICHAEL: Notice thoughts may arise that argue that it can’t be as simple as Salvadore is making it. Because he’s pointing to the fact that you already are what the thoughts are so desperately seeking for!

Not stopping long enough to fully realize this, and instead going back into believing our empty thoughts, is what allows the seeking to continue. Thus the admonition is to stop now and just be open to everything, yet attending to nothing. Open knowing here now. Being. Nothing to seek, nothing to push away. A thought comes, fine, let it come… it will go. Open knowing, not open clinging.


Q: What’s the biggest mistake seekers make on the spiritual path? New MJ Awakening Blog
February 5, 2018

everything revolves around planet me

Q: What’s the biggest mistake seekers make on the spiritual path?

MICHAEL: That they are going to get something out of it, i.e., enlightenment, awakening, happiness, peace, etc. It’s the opposite. True spirituality is a loss, not a gain. It’s the dissolving of the false “me,” the one who imagines everything revolves around “them.”

This personal position is the suffering. For now the rain is not simply what is happening, for example, but “my” picnic has been ruined! See? It‘s a personal interpretation of that which is inherently impersonal.

Without a thought, what is personal?

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