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June 15, 2017


One of the (many!) tricks of the ego is to draw a CONCLUSION from whatever our present experience is. So for example, if we are feeling crappy or down or anxious, the ego, via intense imagination/feelings, will have us dead in a ditch in no time!!?

But let’s look a little deeper. Is this true? Does how I am feeling right now dictate how I am going to be feeling 1 min. from now? Maybe yes, maybe no… the truth is, I really don’t know. And it’s in this space of “not knowing anything” that our awareness/love/presence is most happy!

Try it and see for yourself. For 1 min., just see what it feels like “not to know anything.” I.e., get quiet and tune into your breathing. And notice how much more you instantly become aware of in the space around you!

Suddenly, you become aware of the birds chirping outside, the sounds of the traffic, the room temperature, the pressure of your bum on the chair, the voice in the head, etc. And now, from this aware space, you can effortlessly witness the passing phenomena, rather than identifying with it.

Michael Jeffreys

Do your thoughts actually make anything happen? new MJ Awakening Blog
August 30, 2014

hand holding cup


Q: “But don’t you have to think “I will pick up the cup” to pick it up. So thoughts do make things happen.”


A: What is your proof that you hearing the words, “I will pick up the cup” in your head (wherever THAT is!?), is directly responsible (as in being the cause or energy force) for powering the body’s hand to pick up the “cup”? What if that’s just a subtle assumption that falls apart under close examination?

Sound can only ever be sound. So a voice in the head can only ever be a voice. Like a speaker can only ever broadcast information… a speaker has no interest or even knowledge of the electric signals that it is converting into recognizable sounds that we hear as words.

So, to assume the sounds you appear to hear in your head are what is propelling the body around is a gross assumption that should definitely be investigated if one is interested in freedom.

YOU are what is AWARE of the sounds in your head, the sounds coming from a speaker in your car, or the sound of your friend talking to you on skype. And this Awareness is AWARE of everything… but it doesn’t take itself as anything… it doesn’t need to. Because it simply is. It never comes or goes and is everywhere and nowhere. In other words, you can’t get it or contain it.

It’s the search for something “special” or “other then this” that keeps it hidden. Because if you are searching for something, that assumes it’s not right where you already are. After all, if it were right where you already are you wouldn’t need to search for it… ding! ding! ding! Full Stop.

-Michael Jeffreys

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