NKOSI: Everything’s an expression of This… so everything’s beautiful. ~ New MJ Nonduality blog
March 11, 2022

“Everything is an expression of This. Keeping quiet or talking doesn’t matter… cuz everything’s This. Thinking or not thinking… it doesn’t really matter… cuz everything’s This.

Doing or not doing… it doesn’t really matter cuz everything’s This. So everything’s beautiful just the way it IS.”


“All is This is not a belief, teaching or achievement…” New MJ Nonduality blog
December 29, 2021

All is This is not a belief, teaching or achievement…

Me imagines All is This as being thee gold medal of achievement… The Mt. Everest. That some day, when “I” get “there,” then I’ll be like Tim, Kenneth, Ariana and Nkosi… “I will be abiding as pure nondual awareness, blah, blah, blah.” That’s ALL story.

There’s no “there” to arrive at and there’s no “you”, ALREADY, cuz there’s only This, no matter what seems to be arising. So pain, pleasure, boredom, fear, depression, anxiety, joy, uncertainty, laughter, confusion, silence, etc. are all This too…

All is This leaves nothing out… or in. Already, Everything is Nothing…


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