The Ego is LOUD for a reason it doesn’t want you to discover
November 23, 2013


To the ego, the ego is King. And its demands and complaints are endless. But did you ever notice that they are also LOUD? I am talking about the voice in the head that is constantly and vociferously dictating your seemingly every move, moment-to-moment.

Its constant vocal chattering is no accident. Why? Because if it allows you to become deeply still, you just might hear another voice inside you. A “quiet voice.” This gentle quiet voice is quite different than the brash egoic one. For what it lacks in volume it makes up for in truly the highest way possible: it is your Truth, your intuition, your authentic Self.

As the saying goes, “Thunder makes all the noise, but it’s lightning that gets the job done.” And notice this: Lightning is always silent.

~Michael Jeffreys



The Ego is part of the Dream
January 20, 2013


The reason identifying with the ego is so painful is because it is part of the dream! And so, naturally, it literally thinks it/you are the dream character (the body) in the dream. It itself is dream, so it only perceives dream.

But because dream is dream and spirit is spirit, you (spirit) are able to (if you want to) step back and view your current scene from your higher-self/soul/holy-spirit and just silently observe the play.

The difference between the two experiences is day and night… and the more you “practice” resting as what you actually are (and have always been), the easier and more natural it becomes. “Today I observe my body, rather than identifying with it.”

-Michael Jeffreys


A House Divided Cannot Stand
January 11, 2013

House Divided

At any moment, you have two minds from which to draw on… your original or God/Spirit/Source/Higher-Self mind, and the diseased ego’s mind. They are nothing alike. One values love, humility and being of service and the other prizes fear, attachment, and greed. One is real and the other is not. Pick ONE… You CANNOT serve two masters (a house divided cannot stand), and yet that is what most of us are trying to do (mostly unconsciously) and thus why we suffer.

-Michael Jeffreys

The First Step to Awakening: Admitting You Don’t Want to Awaken!
December 18, 2012

Dreaming II

The first step to awakening: Admit that YOU DO NOT WANT TO AWAKEN!! (Father Anthony De Mello was the first person I ever heard say this, and the moment he said it something in me knew it was true.)

Realize that a part of you (mostly unconscious) enjoys the dream and is not ready to give it up. Even if consciously you say, “Yes Michael, I really want to awaken.” Bullshit. You are still identified with maya, and like a drug, are not ready to give it up. Like in AA, admitting that you are addicted to the dream world is the first step to recovery!

When I was discussing this with a friend of mine last night, about it all being a dream, at least he was honest when he said:

“I guess in some ways I still see it as a helpful ‘metaphor’ — not completely accepting it as the way it truly is. I can see it on many levels but probably not completely. I still want to go play tennis and go out on dates as though they’re ‘real’.”

He suspects this is all a dream, but because it pulls the rug out from underneath everything he has spent his life “working for/towards,” it’s just too much to fully accept right now.

Yet, we use phrases like, “It felt like a bad dream…” or, “I couldn’t wait for the nightmare to be over…” or, “And in what dream universe are you living in?”, but in a half-hearted, sort of joking way to keep it at a safe distance.

Either this is a dream or it’s not. Either its ALL real or none of it is. If it is a dream, than death is in fact illusory as well. Again, you can’t have it both ways… well, actually you can… because in a dream, ANYTHING is possible.

You will know when the “shift” has occurred because when the “world” is seen as a dream projection of the ONE unconscious insanely guilty (guilty for imagining it has turned its back on god, even though this is not possible) egoic Mind (without any caveats, exceptions, or “yeah buts…”), there is a lightness and ease in every moment, regardless of circumstances, regardless of what you are doing.

Even if you are sick or suffering, or in pain, there is still enough space where even that is seen as part of the dream. And the running negative commentary that most of us have in our head goes silent… because it has been replaced with a knowing silence and inner love and light that the world, the dream, can never give you.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of god.” -ACIM

-Michael Jeffreys

The “Blame it on Them” Game Keeps the Dream Going
December 17, 2012


The world is an illusion and something in you knows this. It is a mind projection stemming from a single innocent thought that asked, “What would it be like to be separate from god?” …and POOF!!, the ego was made manifest.

The reality is that it is not possible to be separate from ALL that is, god, source, etc. So, the only way to create the illusion of separation is if you believe there is an actual separate “you,” apart from god.

However, because this is so insanely painful, and you don’t want to deal directly with the pain of the lie (because if you did you’d see that everything you thought you were “working for” was for naught.), you ignore it and instead project it onto “others” around you.

The “blame it on them” game keeps the dream going. That is why forgiveness is the complete answer. If you see that you are already WHOLE and always were, guess how you are going to see me!?

-Michael Jeffreys

February 19, 2012

Look around you. Nothing you are looking at has any meaning whatsoever. None. All objects are “neutral.” Any meaning is “put” there by your mind. Superimposed onto the object and that’s what gives that object whatever meaning it has for you. Something that has great meaning for you means nothing to someone else and vice/versa. This lets you know that the meaning is not contained within the object itself, but within the one viewing it. If it were truly within the object itself, everyone that came upon that object would feel the exact same way about it. But that isn’t what happens. Each of us doesn’t see that object “naked,” but rather through our “meaning” filters.

What would your experience be of the world if you stopped putting meaning on anyone or anything? Rather than let your mind try to guess at the answer, what if you actually tried it to have a direct experience of what it actually felt like?

–Michael Jeffreys

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