TENDING ONE’S OWN GARDEN. New MJ Awakening Meditation
June 14, 2019

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How can I get along with other people when I can’t get along with my own moods and feelings?

How can I accept other people as they are when I can’t accept my own moods and feelings as they are?

How can I listen deeply to other people when I can’t listen deeply to my own moods and feelings?

Michael Jeffreys


The thought that “it should not be” is seen as an invitation to suffer… new MJ Awakening Blog
February 9, 2015


One thing I can share that I have noticed that’s different in me and has made a big difference in ending unnecessary suffering: I no longer believe whatever is happening should not be happening.

So, for example, in the past if my neighbors played loud music or video games, thoughts (conditioning) would come, “Oh, that is not being a good neighbor, I would never do that… now I can’t get any work done, blah, blah, blah…” and now, it’s barely noticed.

The difference is, now, the idea that what’s actually happening should not be happening seems insane.

It’s simply what is and so the thought that “it should not be” is seen as an invitation to suffer.

-Michael Jeffreys

Comment/Question from my Facebook Awakening Community

TOM: So from the quiet mind that doesn’t see it as a problem, the thought may arise, “let’s get some noise reduction headphones.”
Any idea where that thought and the subsequent steps in that direction may come from?

MICHAEL: And then THAT will be what’s happening. And you either will get some n/c headphones or you won’t. You can never escape what IS… but if you believe a thought that claims otherwise, you may eventually find yourself suffering. And then, that will be what’s happening… you cannot both truly accept the moment as it is AND try to control it… and yet, that too can seemingly happen! It’s a living paradox.

TOM: I see. However the moment when I actually get the headphones has not arrived yet. There is only the thought. And then as you say the headphones either will or won’t be procured — there is no “me” to decide or make it happen. It just seems so clear that a result or future event that has me getting the headphones was “caused” or influenced by the earlier thought. And if it wasn’t, or it was unrelated, why would that thought arise? Thought is such an obviously significant occurrence in certain ways that even if I disregard it in some instances as you describe–to avoid what IS happening and think that it shouldn’t be–that when it emanates from presence or quiet it certainly seems to lead to an “improvement” in circumstances. Even Eckhart says that the Ego evolved with a purpose (survival) but we have distorted its importance. And you say that seeing the mind as a “servant” is of value — so I guess I am wondering whether we can cut the mind some slack and admit that it can “lead to” positive results which may not have occurred absent the prior thought?

MICHAEL:It just seems so clear that a result or future event that has me getting the headphones was “caused” or influenced by the earlier thought.

That may or may not be so, but you didn’t create that thought either, which is what you have to believe if you believe in cause and effect. The “you” you imagine yourself to be is the cause or source of what is presently happening. This needs to be deeply investigated… and if you in fact cannot find a separate entity, then you have to be honest with your findings (rather than beholden to your worldly, learned conditioning/beliefs).


Only what IS… new MJ Awakening pic quote
January 6, 2015

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“How to Not Take Things Personally” new Michael Jeffreys article for Collective Evolution
January 1, 2015

MJ How to Not Take Things Personally article pt.1


You can read the rest of the article here:



Freedom is seeing that it’s ALL happening perfectly spontaneously… new MJ Awakening Blog
October 12, 2014

spontaneous life

Few can see this… the mind will lash out… the ego will rebel… thoughts will give examples that appear to show horrible atrocities as to why it cannot be so…. and yet, I say again… there is nothing BUT perfection.

For example, as I write these words the cries of my next door neighbor’s baby can be heard. How is this not perfect? And if I find that it disturbs me, how is that not perfect? And if I love the sound of hearing life crying, how is that not perfect?

Whatever happens and whatever your response to what is happening, whether you like or don’t like it, whether you agree or disagree, freedom is seeing that it’s all happening perfectly spontaneously. That what is IS… and therein lies its sweet perfection.

-Michael Jeffreys

Do your thoughts actually make anything happen? new MJ Awakening Blog
August 30, 2014

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Q: “But don’t you have to think “I will pick up the cup” to pick it up. So thoughts do make things happen.”


A: What is your proof that you hearing the words, “I will pick up the cup” in your head (wherever THAT is!?), is directly responsible (as in being the cause or energy force) for powering the body’s hand to pick up the “cup”? What if that’s just a subtle assumption that falls apart under close examination?

Sound can only ever be sound. So a voice in the head can only ever be a voice. Like a speaker can only ever broadcast information… a speaker has no interest or even knowledge of the electric signals that it is converting into recognizable sounds that we hear as words.

So, to assume the sounds you appear to hear in your head are what is propelling the body around is a gross assumption that should definitely be investigated if one is interested in freedom.

YOU are what is AWARE of the sounds in your head, the sounds coming from a speaker in your car, or the sound of your friend talking to you on skype. And this Awareness is AWARE of everything… but it doesn’t take itself as anything… it doesn’t need to. Because it simply is. It never comes or goes and is everywhere and nowhere. In other words, you can’t get it or contain it.

It’s the search for something “special” or “other then this” that keeps it hidden. Because if you are searching for something, that assumes it’s not right where you already are. After all, if it were right where you already are you wouldn’t need to search for it… ding! ding! ding! Full Stop.

-Michael Jeffreys

There is no escaping the moment, which is why surrendering to what IS gives PEACE
July 26, 2014

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Trying to “get rid of” a sense of “me” is not only not possible, it’s not necessary (yes, the rare “triple negative” sentence!). When there is the simple acceptance of what IS (and it’s not a doing, but more a relaxing into what is already so), then if a sense of “me” is presently arising, then that is what IS.

No need to get rid of it or try to change it… simply seeing it as another spontaneous arising in the moment is sufficient. Simply BE with whatever is presently happening, which leaves nothing out!

Once it is seen that escape from NOW is impossible, that leaves only what IS… and nothing more is ever needed simply because nothing more can be except what is! Except, of course, if something feels like it is needed, then that too is what’s happening.

There is simply no escape from what is happening. When this is welcomed sans resistance, the peace that is always present can be effortlessly experienced by no one.

–Michael Jeffreys

Can I be the OPEN SPACE… (meditation picture quote)
February 26, 2014

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My mantra for today which YOU are welcome to use if it resonates…
February 8, 2014

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Transcending Your Humanity by Embracing it (meditation picture quote)
January 29, 2014

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