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Q: Why is separation an illusion? New MJ Awakening Blog
December 22, 2019


Q: Why is separation an illusion?

A: Because even the thought or feeling of separation isn’t separate from the Totality.

Michael Jeffreys

Awakening is the realization that the ocean and wave are happening simultaneously! New MJ Awakening Blog
December 20, 2019

ocean sunset waves

There is no Truth in any story as all stories are from the mind and the mind’s “thinking currency” is dualistic concepts, i.e, “me” and “other,” which is separation, and thus illusory. Truth, You, contain no separation.

When we mistake our mind, which only knows separation, for us/our true nature, we suffer.

Awakening is the realization that the ocean and wave are happening simultaneously! That what you are is neither only the wave (the relative) nor only the entire Ocean (the Absolute), but rather both as the apparently two are inseparable. This is what Nonduality is pointing to.

Michael Jeffreys


What is the source of “me”? New MJ Awakening Blog
December 17, 2019

Cardboard Package and Label

If you received a package whose contents you did not like, but there was no return address on it, who would you be mad at?

If you received a package whose contents you liked, but there was no return address on it, who would you be glad at?

What is the source of “my” thoughts?
What is the source of “my” feelings?
What is the source of “my” sensations?
What is the source of “my” moods?
What is the source of “my” actions?

What is the source of “me”?

Michael Jeffreys


Facebook Comment

Tom Bunzel : What would it feel like to have no return address. Good one!

Michael Jeffreys: You got it Tom. Seeing this removes the weight of cause and blame since you cannot find an actual source for anything you experience… there’s just the experience itself! And so everything is just spontaneously happening, like in a dream. Seeing this is freeing because it obliterates any notion of personal doership. Everything is simply happening all by itself…haunted universe indeed!

Become totally empty… -Tao Te Ching. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 15, 2019

tao te ching

Become totally empty

Quiet the restlessness of the mind

Only then will you witness everything unfolding from

See all things flourish and dance in endless variation

And once again merge back into perfect emptiness –

Their true repose

Their true nature Emerging

Flourishing, dissolving back again

This is the eternal process of return

To know this process brings enlightenment

To miss this process brings disaster

Be still

Stillness reveals the secret of eternity.


-Tao Te Ching

YOU are not any thought… New MJ Awakening Blog
December 13, 2019

frozen red leaf

YOU are not any thought, which is why looking to the mind to tell you what you are leads to confusion and suffering.

Michael Jeffreys

There is no actual separate entity in existence, because it’s the One Universe doing everything. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 10, 2019

universal intelligence

“We can never figure out the origins of the Universe because we are the Universe itself.

Whose asking the question why are we here? It’s the Universe itself asking that question and that’s the humor of it all.”

-Jeffrey Fidel, MD

MICHAEL: So the Universe itself is both the asker and answerer of every question that has ever arisen. And that is why there is no actual separate entity in existence, because it’s the One Universe doing everything.

Facebook Comments

Michael Shum: Michael, the intelligence itself is manifesting an acceleration of self-recognition, and all of us are going along for a ride! Yeehaw!

Michael Jeffreys: Because we are that intelligence! But until we realize that we cling to control which causes suffering. I mean, imagine trying to control something you are not in control of… how do you not suffer?! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

What does, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.” mean? New MJ Awakening Blog
December 9, 2019

ocean sunset thy will

Q: What does, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.” mean?

MICHAEL: It means being able to discriminate between what my ego wants/demands/desires and what is actually, presently happening/unfolding, however it appears. The former is my will, the latter Thy will.

It’s resting as the Whole Ocean, rather than identifying as the wave with an agenda. It’s going with the flow of Life, of what is, rather than trying to tell Life how the moment should be. It’s a joyous surrendering to what is. It’s peace and rest regardless of circumstances.




What’s Witnessing the Dream is not in the Dream. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 5, 2019


Your body is in the dream…

Where you’re looking from is not.

Michael Jeffreys

Underneath the Illusion. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 1, 2019

underneath the illusion


Does the “I” actually make anything happen or is it itself another happening, just like your heart beating, your lungs breathing, or your hair growing?

Is not the entire moment simply one happening, followed by another and another and… all happening by itself?

What happens when I let go of my illusory control?

Is there peace and rest underneath it?

Michael Jeffreys

Being present with whatever is here/now. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 26, 2019

practice being present


It’s our inability to be present with what is, however it’s appearing, that’s the cause of our suffering. This includes thinking. You can either drift off into past-future with thinking, i.e., go along with the thought, or you can be present with whatever thought is currently arising. See the difference?

As Awareness you’re clear that you’re simply witnessing a thought, which came and will go. Whereas as the imaginary “me” you go along with the thought and into another dream of what’s not happening. When you catch yourself getting lost in thought, simply bring your attention back to here/now.

Awareness never goes anywhere. Mind is always changing. Stay home. Be present with whatever is here. It’s ALL you… give your love to everything and see what happens.

Michael Jeffreys

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