Nkosi: Nameless and Formless… Michael: Trying to correct what never happened… New MJ Nonduality blog


Be nothing… don’t identify with anything… just be nothing. Then nothing will hurt you. Nothing will come against you. How can nothing suffer? How can nothing be hurt? How can nothing feel pain?

So don’t be something, be nothing. And nothing will happen to you. Nothing is indestructible. Nothing is formless. Nothing is everywhere present. Nothing doesn’t have any expectations. Nothing doesn’t mind. Nothing’s not waiting. Nothing never moves.

Be the nothing that you are, already. You have never been a person. You have never been a woman. You’ve never been a body. You don’t have a body. You’re formless and empty. There’s no description for you. You’re already Nameless. Formless. Empty. Undivided.



When Nkosi says “Be nothing… don’t identify with anything… just be nothing.” He is NOT giving an instruction or prescription for action by a “me” to become nothing.

Rather, that there is no me ALREADY. That me is an imagined dream (by no one) of separation that never happened. So “be nothing” is saying be what you ALREADY eternally are… No thing… Nothing.



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