“Everything’s… happening automatically without a doer.” ~Ariana . New MJ Nonduality blog

“All apparent bodies are already functioning and happening automatically. All the bodies… all your friends, all your family, everyone, every single body… even animals, plants,

nature, humans… everything, all of these apparent things are already happening automatically without a doer. So all these bodies are just energy… a show, a magnificient show,

just boundless energy playing out, happening… and there’s conversation, there’s conflict, there’s arguments, there’s romance, there’s parties, a concert, a funeral, whatever…

all these things that appear to play out, it’s all just boundless energy, which is nothing.

And there’s no one here. There are no separate doers with free will that are in the body, in each body, that has free will that’s controlling and manipulating and doing that.

All bodies happening automatically, so the words coming out of my mouth are coming automatically, no one’s doing it.

But already the same for you, the words coming out of your mouth are already happening automatically.

But, there can be this artificial layer of ‘I’m doing it’… ‘I’m choosing my thoughts’ I’m choosing what I’m going to say.’

But really, it’s already happening in functioning… and so this sense of a doer… there can be a lived, very felt sense of a doer… but even that sense of a doer…

there’s no doer doing the sense of a doer… it’s just a sense.”



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