NKOSI: “There’s no death to Life.” (audio to music) video

NKOSI: “There’s no death to Life.” (audio to music)

New Audio excerpts from a private session between Alice and Nkosi. (Shared with their permission.)

“There’s no me yesterday… there’s no me now… and there’s no me forever. The me is thought based… it’s just a thought.”

“That name, Alice, you were given it. You didn’t come to this world and say, ‘I’m Alice.’ They gave it to you… it was given to you. And you accepted it, as you grew up, for the Truth. And you started to become conscious of it… and then it became real for you… ‘oh, I’m Alice.’

But really, it’s not true… it’s not true. There’s never been Alice… there’s never been an Alice. Alice is just a thought… believed in.”



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