Michael Jeffreys “All is This… even what seems to be an exception.” 6-23-21 Nonduality video

Michael Jeffreys “All is This… even what seems to be an exception.” 6-23-21 Nonduality

So This commenting on This… This getting mad at This… This being annoyed at This. It’s all welcome. Nothing is rejected because all is This. So even your frustration is This. That’s the beauty of this message. It doesn’t deny how you feel. So if you’re frustrated or you’re pissed, that’s It too!

Remember Nkosi last week said, “You can’t go wrong”? It’s cuz there’s only This. Going wrong is a judgement… it’s a mental overlay on top of Life. It’s me’s opinion, “Well, this shouldn’t have happened!” But it doesn’t mean anything. It’s empty… it’s like hot air.

Saying, “That shouldn’t happen” is exactly the same as saying “That should happen.” Both are This equally, because all is This. And that’s all there ever is. It’s really that simple. There’s just This, there’s just what’s happening right now. Literally, This is It.

You’re already not the me… already. So there’s no me to dissolve.


There’s just all magic and there’s nothing to know about it.


There seemed to be a me, but it was realized that the me wasn’t even there. Even what seemed to be a me was This. The character, Nkosi, has always been This. So there was nothing else. And I didn’t realize it cuz I wasn’t even there, I never even existed. There’s just This.

It’s just This appearing as you. That’s why I always say there’s no you, cuz it’s This ALREADY. It is This seeking something other than This…(laughs).

The me never appeared in the first place, so how can it disappear? A me is just a thought construct appearing in This, yet it’s still This as well.

There’s no individual free will cuz what seems to be an individual is already This. You can’t describe This… (laughs) It’s just as it is.



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