Michael Jeffreys “Even before the question arises, there’s already no one.” -Nkosi, 6-9-21 Nonduality video

Michael Jeffreys “Even before the question arises, there’s already no one.”-Nkosi, 6-9-21 Nonduality

“Does anything happen until you… the me says so?”

“Life is unanswerable and the me is, if nothing but… perpetual question.”

“A resonance for just the emptiness can arise… that doesn’t include… it doesn’t have room for a guru or a teacher… cuz it’s empty.”


“There is nobody who is outside of This trying to get to This. There’s not even outside of This. There’s just This. Everything that seems to be happening right now… it’s ALL This! No one is seeking This. No one is talking about This. No one is doing anything… all is This, cuz there’s only This.

And no one can reach This. No one can get to This. Cuz there’s already no one. Even before the question arises there’s already no one. So we can say that the one asking the question is This.
The question itself is This. All the words are This.

Pain may arise… and it’s not even pain, it’s just This. Anger may arise… it’s not even anger, it’s just This. Cuz there’s nothing else but This. There’s no one who’s hanging outside of This, trying to climb up and get to This. There’s only This (laughs). Everything is included. Nobody is left outside cuz there’s already nobody; there’s only This.

And I’m not talking here. There’s just This. To This, nothing ever happens. There’s nothing happening. There’s no escape. No one can escape This. No one can talk about This. No one can teach This. No one can know This. No one can find This cuz there’s already no one.

The seeker doesn’t exist already… already doesn’t exist. There’s just This. And This is the unknown. Even what seems to be the knower appears in the Unknown. So we can say the knower is already the unknown. There’s no knower. This is beyond all labels. This is beyond all names.

And This doesn’t know you… cuz you are It and It is you. It’s not apart from you. There’s no you cuz you are It already.Even before the question arises, you are This already. And there’s no you cuz you are This (laughs). There’s only This! This is alone as everything. There’s nothing outside of This. There’s nothing outside of Itself.

No matter what might be said, no matter what we can talk about, it’s only This. So who can get to This? Who can find This? Who can know This? Who can claim that, “I got it.”? Who can say, “I don’t get it.”? Who can say, “I’ll never, ever get it.”? It can only be This!, nothing else. Cuz there’s only This. There’s no one here. You are not already. Even before the question arises, you are not.

The one who says, “I don’t get it.” You got it (laughs). So there’s just This. And This is the Unknown. And This right here doesn’t know anything… cuz there’s nobody here. There may seem to be somebody who’s talking, but there’s no one. Already there as well, there’s no one in there. There’s no there already. There’s no here. There’s just This.

So, whatever might be expressed, whatever might be said, it doesn’t matter to This. Cuz there’s nothing outside of This that can be expressed… only This. So we can talk about everything, can talk about anything… anything may arise. This doesn’t have should’s and shouldn’ts. There are no should’s and shouldn’ts.

Everything is allowed to express as it is. And This allows the body to do what it’s destined to do. And it remains as it is. It might seem that you are doing something… in actual fact you’ve never done anything. You’ve never achieved anything. You’ve never done anything cuz there’s just everything. There’s no you. There’s just This.”


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