Michael Jeffreys “ALL is IT. Even the trying to get it is IT.” 4-28-21 Nonduality video

Michael Jeffreys “ALL is IT. Even the trying to get it is IT.” 4-28-21 Nonduality

So everything being it doesn’t leave anything out. There’s nothing that’s not it. Even the feeling of not being it, is IT. There’s nothing that’s not IT, yet there’s no IT.

This is all that’s happening. There’s nothing else happening. And that is so freeing because you’ve been seeking something other than this for your whole life.

THIS is all that is, and I’m seeking for SOMETHING OTHER THAN THIS. If you were trying to design a way to suffer, you couldn’t do better.



“I don’t get it” … still IT. The seeker seeks for it, but it can’t be found. The one who looks for it cannot be found. If nothing looks for nothing, what can be found? Nothing.



This is beyond words. Even the words you are hearing right now… you can’t find it. There are no words. Look for the words that I am speaking right now. There are no words. Where are the words? Where? You can’t find them… “cuz there’s only Dis.” 😉



‘Dis’ doesn’t see the me. It sees itself, no matter who is talking. When it talks, it sees itself. There’s nobody here, it’s just ‘Dis’… talking, having different ideas, having different opinions to itself… (silence).


MICHAEL: All is ‘Dis’, yet ‘Dis’ cannot be found. In order for something to be found it has to be lost. ‘Dis’ is all that IS, so how can it be lost?

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