Michael Jeffreys “You ALREADY are what You’re Seeking–Full Stop.” 10-21-20 Satsang video

Michael Jeffreys “You ALREADY are what You’re Seeking–Full Stop.” 10-21-20 Satsang


1. It’s One Energy appearing as everything. And everything is both Real AND Unreal: Energy is Real/ALL there IS; what it’s temporarily appearing AS is not. Like a dream, the energy that IS the dream is Real… its contents, the story it seems to be telling/believing, is not. Words too are energy. It’s funny… thoughts are really energy commentating on, and putting into story, energy!

2. That something needs to happen in order to become what you already are is the illusion, is the endless dream of seeking.

3. Where exactly is this ‘me’ going? And once it gets there, what’s it going to get that isn’t already here now?

4. When you wake up in the morning, where is last night’s dream? Where is that whole experience? “I was flying in the Grand canyon.” Right now, where’s the Grand canyon? Where’s the flying? Where’s the me? It’s like it never happened. And that’s what I’m saying each moment is. The moment is, BOOM!, here and gone, here and dead, alive and dead simultaneously. So you can’t do anything with it.

5. What you ALREADY are is whole and complete.

6. Right now, notice where you’re looking from. Notice what’s looking out your eyes. Now, if you got on a plane and went to the Bahamas and got off the plane, THIS would still be there. The scenery would be different, the place, the name, the smells… but what is looking as you got off that plane in the Bahamas, is this right here. And when you got home… it would be the same ‘thing’ looking as when you left. Where you’re looking from never changes. It never moves.


7. “The cancer is showing you, every moment is showing you, ‘you’ are not in control. And it’s the illusion that you are that creates the suffering. Physical pain doesn’t give a crap about your story. You need a me to suffer. The me takes the suffering, takes the pain personally. It’s not just pain arising, it’s MY PAIN, says the me.” -Michael

“And when the story is running, I’m not even really feeling the pain, I’m feeling the story of the pain. And that’s usually a lot worse, the story of the pain.” -Dan

“The resistance to the pain amplifies the whole thing.” -Faith

“Suffering happens when I think I have control over what I’m trying to do.” -Joanna


8. “A flashlight shines on everything but itself.” -Yun/Ram Dass

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