Michael Jeffreys “There’s only Freedom… disguised as Everything.” 9-9-20 Satsang video

Michael Jeffreys “There’s only Freedom… disguised as Everything.” 9-9-20 Satsang


1. The me can come up with 50 things it doesn’t like about this moment. But the dilemma for the me is that this moment is all that ever IS. Just THIS. Just this happening. And it’s happening so fast, so fresh, so new, so vibrantly, that any stories we tell about it are just not true.

2. The trap is the mind actually thinks it knows what THIS is. That’s the suffering… “Because I know what this is, I know there’s something better. I don’t know what that something better is, but I just know this isn’t it.” That’s the me’s mantra.

3. Time is an illusion. Time is not real. You cannot show me time. And notice that you can’t show the me either. So we can say that the me IS time. TIME = ME.

Time doesn’t recognize the timeless. What’s time going to do with the timeless? It’s useless! It can’t do anything with the timeless. And so it rejects the only thing that IS, in search of what isn’t!?


(Here I held up a white paper napkin and said that it represents 100% Freedom and only Freedom.) “So again, the napkin represents Freedom and so all it can ever be is Freedom.” Then I crumpled the napkin up a bit asked, “Is it still Freedom? Or did we lose Freedom just because the appearance shifted? But look, (I hold the napkin up) it’s still 100% Freedom… no matter what shape it appears in (I keep crumpling up napkin into different shapes) it’s always Freedom!


However, the mind gets fooled by the shape. That’s what happens with looking out your eyes at the world. You’re deceived by your senses and you believe the shape and you forget about the Freedom. So you think the Freedom’s not here because all your senses are trained to look at the way it looks.

This moment, like the napkin, can be ANY shape, but there’s still only Freedom, only Wholeness. So the napkin/Life is constantly moving, shifting, changing… but the Freedom never goes anywhere because everything is made out of Freedom.

5. There’s just what’s happening, and no one’s doing it.

Thus the shocker of shockers: you’ve never done anything!!

6. The suffering is when I believe what is shouldn’t be happening. And it doesn’t mean you have to like it. Because not liking it can also arise! There’s only what’s arising in the moment. So if you’re annoyed, that’s what is, that’s what’s happening.

7. There’s no me inside the body. There’s no little you in the body. The body has blood, and bones, a brain, heart, lungs, etc… but there’s no me in there. The me is an illusion. It’s a credit taker. The me has never done ANYTHING, ever, for the entire history of recorded history! The me has done nothing… it has no power.

Whatever grows the grass… whatever causes the rain, whatever causes your lungs to breath… THAT is doing everything.

8. The me thinks that Freedom is suppose to look a certain way.
Freedom is all of it. There’s nothing excluded. If it’s ALL Freedom, what are you going to do? Where are you going to find Freedom if everything is Freedom?


DIANE: Just because you have a reaction to something and there’s a story about it… if you identify with the story and the feeling, that’s what you call “I”.

That’s what we think our “I” is. But it isn’t a person, it’s just a reaction. By identifying ourselves with that reaction and saying that’s who I am… like, “I don’t like this.” But there’s just a story and a feeling… that’s not you!

STEPHAN: When we say we have feelings, we don’t. We’re just aware of the feelings. We don’t have feelings.

9. You’re not located in a narrative, in any story. Look now,in this moment… where’s your life story that you think of “you”? It doesn’t exist in this moment unless you go to memory.

10. Everything comes from Silence, appears, does a dance and returns back to Silence.


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