Michael Jeffreys “The ME has never existed.” 9-2-20 Satsang video

Michael Jeffreys “The ME has never existed.” 9-2-20 Satsang


1. This moment is all that is.The me looks around and says, “No, this is boring. You know, this is just my apartment…” because it thinks (and is quite sure) that it knows what THIS is.THIS couldn’t be Freedom. THIS couldn’t be peace. THIS couldn’t already be the wholeness that I’ve been seeking… just everything simply as it is.

2. IT can’t be thought about because it’s already what’s happening.


“Who is thinking these thoughts? Who is believing these thoughts?”

-Ron Ossip

3. Thoughts are movement. But what’s present that doesn’t move?

4. Nothing appearing as Everything.

5. The me doesn’t exist. But it feels like it does so by saying, tongue-in-cheek, “It’s all about ME! The whole world revolves around ME!!” etc., you’re going the other direction, you’re going over the top.Like vaudeville. To poke a hole in the illusory hot-air-balloon of “ME-ness” that takes itself seriously above all else!

“Me is really heavy. Feels like a burden.” -Joyce Dvoren

6. What if the idea of being a ME is just that, an idea… meaning it never actually happened.

“You don’t have a life, you are Life.” -Eckhart Tolle


“It depends on how much you think you control the world. The one’s that really think they’re in control of life, it’s just deadly to think that you’re not.” -Diane Martin

8. Less self = less self-consciousness = more enjoyment.

9. This is too simple for the mind because it’s just THIS, just whatever’s apparently happening. So there’s nothing to figure out.

10. THIS has always been it. It’s never been broken. It’s only our believed in stories that something is wrong that has caused all the suffering.

11. The mind’s a computer, a living computer. It stores memories, it protects the body. It has a very important, but limited function. But the thing goes kaplooey when we mistake ourselves for the computer.

BRITTNEY: Freedom, in this lifetime… not even in this lifetime, now!

MICHAEL: There is only freedom now, just not for the me.

12. There is no me. There’s only One or in nonduality we say, “Not two.” Because there’s not two things here, even though it looks like it. The waves look separate, but it’s one Ocean.And the more you identify as the one Ocean, the less you’ll think of yourself as a separate wave. The more you think of yourself as a wave, the more you’re going to see others as wave, and the Ocean will be hidden.

BRITTNEY: That just made so much sense. I’ve never been a me! I keep thinking I’m going to go back to being a me. But how can I go back to being a me if I was never the me!?? (dies laughing).

“As I look back, the less serious I took myself the more free I was. The more free I was, the more I could enjoy the unfolding drama… and it’s extraordinary.When I’m talking that’s because I’m asleep. When I’m awake, I’m in silence.” -Uncle Jack

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