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Q: What is taking a private session with you like?

MICHAEL: Each is unique, yet totally the same. Unique because all apparent beings are a unique expression of that which cannot be spoken. The same in that at some point in our conversation I will point out, with a straight face, that THIS, whatever’s happening, is all there ever is. Period. That there is no past or future, but always only whatever is appearing to happen. That’s it.

The person will usually nod in agreement, but very quickly a thought will appear in their mind and they will start to tell me a story about their past or future, completely ignoring what I just said.

Some version of, “So this happened to me yesterday and made me upset. I can’t stop thinking about it and it’s driving me crazy.” Or, “I want to awaken, but I’m just not there yet.” Do you see it? The former is a story about what’s not happening we label, “past.” And the latter is story about what’s not happening we label, “future.” Both are illusory.

And so I sit there during our Zoom session silently listening to their story and then at some point I rudely interrupt and say, “What has that to do with what’s happening right now? You and I are just having a nice little chat on Zoom. That’s it. Nothing more is actually happening. Look now and notice how simple everything suddenly becomes when we are only interested in what’s actually unfolding. Just THIS!”

And after a moment, usually a look of relief/peace/calm comes over their face as the mind-less simplicity of whatever IS smacks them between the eyes! And we just sit in the palpable Silence together and giggle at the absurdity of it all. Of a dream that never happened…

(p.s. privates are by donation. If you are interested you can email me at: mjeffreys1@roadrunner.com)

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