Michael Jeffreys “It hides by being Everything.” 8-5-20 Satsang video

Michael Jeffreys “It hides by being Everything.” 8-5-20 Satsang


“It’s the only Song that timelessly sings.” -Paul Morgan-Somers

(It’s Boundlessness singing & Boundlessness hearing.)

1. At satsang we attempt to speak about the unspeakable.

2. Me lives in a world of separation and it’s constantly striving to get to wholeness. And that whole procedure is an illusion, because nonduality is already the case.

3. You can’t be both Boundlessness AND a separate me.

4. The me is constantly doing, constantly trying to survive. And it doesn’t care how it does it. It can talk badly to itself, it can praise itself, it doesn’t matter what it does as long as it keeps moving.

5. The me always think’s its problem is that what it’s trying is not working, so it just switches to trying something else. And it’s endless. And that’s what has to hit you; that the seeking is endless and leads nowhere.

6. The me is designed to seek, but never find. And so all goals are designed to, sooner or later, lose their allure so that the seeking begins again. Wash, rinse, repeat. This is what keeps the samsaric wheel going. Always striving, but never actually arriving anywhere.

For silent contemplation: How is this moment happening?

7. Everything is IT. This is Boundlessness experiencing Itself, so it’s literally playing all roles. All parts are played by the same actor.

8. The brain sophisticated over time and learned how to map out scenarios that aren’t actually happening. And it’s run amuck. It’s created so many maps and so many stories and so many perspectives, that it’s lost itself in its own illusory world and now it’s searching for a way out of its self-created prison.

9. All you get with seeking is more seeking… it’s endless because the mind can always conjure up another desire.

10. Nonduality is pointing out that even the labels are Boundlessness. Form is Formlessness, Formlessness is form. They are not two. (Thus no one has ever done anything because there is no one separate to be a doer. There’s only Life, only Boundlessness, only Ocean, only Tao.)

For silent contemplation: Where does everything come from?

DIANE: It comes from Nothing.

11. An analogy to help understand how “one can appear as many” is your own body. We have a nose, ears, eyes, skin, hair, heart, liver, stomach, arms, legs, etc… many “parts”, yet it’s ONE body.

12. If it’s raining, then that’s what is. But it’s not your rain, it’s not personal. And that’s what the me does is it takes everything personally.

JOSE: You are always happiness. At all times. Our true nature is always happiness.

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