Michael Jeffreys “Your true nature is wordless, formless, unlimited,and ever-present.” 7-22-20 Satsang video

Michael Jeffreys “Your true nature is wordless, formless, unlimited & ever-present.” 7-22-20 Satsang


1. Satsang is about getting clear on your original nature, before the conditioning took hold.

2. What you are is prior to “I am this” or “I am that.”

3. We get so lost in the conditioning that we completely forget the naked I AM presence that is our original nature… wordless and formless, yet ever-present.

4. The me is the cause of all the suffering yet we don’t want to let it go… so just notice that, notice your attachment to this me.

5. The original I AM that you are (right now, full-stop!) is wordless.

6. When this starts to click for you, you won’t be able to hold on to your stories like you once did.

7. So the prescription is to rest as this I AM, this wordless presence that you are, as much as possible.

8. “Having never left the house you are looking for the way home.”
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

Getting back home is not a doing, because we’re already home. It’s stopping long enough to realize that.

9. The whole dream crumbles when you see that it’s all propped up by words. Without a story, has anything ever happened?

10. Stop and really look: Where are you in this? Try to actually locate yourself. Whether in a story you’re believing, a problem, a thought, a feeling, etc. You’ll find that you can’t actually find yourself in anything!

11. You’ve never been a thought.

12. Our habit is to go right into the problem, and we forget that something has to be aware… something has to exist PRIOR to the thought to even know that there’s a thought/problem. What is that something?

13. This (looks around) is not real… You’re real! Reality is real and Reality doesn’t change.

14. MICHAEL: Stay here in the not knowing. DIANE: And that’s the best place to be… you can’t lose from that place.

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