Michael Jeffreys “FREEDOM has no identity, that’s why it’s free.” 7-1-20 Satsang video

Michael Jeffreys “FREEDOM has no identity, that’s why it’s free.” 7-1-20 Satsang


1. Tune into your breathing…
Feel your lungs expanding with air as your chest rises.
Q: Are you doing that?

How about seeing? We’re trying to figure out just what this me actually does. We have to look into this very deeply … whether or not this idea of being the doer has any merit. Or is it an assumption??

2. This morning, you didn’t wake yourself up. How did you wake up?

3. This is a dream without a dreamer.

4. There’s just what’s happening… and you’re not doing it.

5. The me feels separate and to make up for this it tries, non-stop, to be special. It’s exhausting.

6. “I’m great” or “I’m the worst” are both identities. What you are has no identity. Freedom is free because it’s not identified with, as, in, or on anything.

7. “I don’t believe that freedom is already here because I don’t feel free.” Well, that assumes you know what feeling free feels like.

“I’m not free yet,” or “I’ve got more to go…” Maybe. But let’s just put those STORIES aside for a moment. Now, what’s left?

8. The Consciousness that is hearing these words is the same Consciousness that is speaking them.

9. The body keeps changing and you’re not making the body change.

10. You’re the AGENCY for the “me.” Consciousness is providing a service and that rascal, the me, is taking credit!

11. Acting as if you’re the doer is like blowing to try to help the wind… Wind doesn’t need your help and you’re just getting exhausted and frustrated.

12. MICHAEL: Without the me, can you suffer?
SUNNY: There’s no one to take delivery of the suffering.
ALAN: Reminds me of the saying, “Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to be.”

13. Story is seen as just story. Everything is just what it is.

14. SUNNY: Are there certain methods that get you closer to the realization?

MICHAEL: It’s the BELIEF that it’s not already here now. The belief you have more to do is a belief. It’s saying it’s not here now. But the Reality is it’s ONLY ever here now!!

15. Not only are you what you seek, you can’t do anything about it!

16. You don’t know how to be a human! That’s why it’s so confusing… we’re making it up as we go along.

17. The body plays multiple roles throughout the day. What is present for every role, whether you’re being a father, husband or employee? Three different roles for the same body, but did the Consciousness change?

18. When we take thoughts personally they’re extremely heavy.

19. This is freedom from all stories. What you are doesn’t need a story.


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