NAMA RUPA (Name and Form) remind’s us that taking personal what is not personal is suffering. New MJ Awakening Blog


NAMA RUPA (Name and Form) remind’s us that no name and form is unique to us or belongs to us. For example, teeth are not mine, but Universal. So I cannot claim them as mine. They are not my teeth, they are just teeth. Even calling them “teeth” was not my idea!

Take any other word… Science, Psychology, Sports, Sex, Love, Hate, Fear, Sky, Ocean, Land, Hair, Blood, Bones, Lungs, Air, Grass, Body, Sister, Father, Mother, Brother, Animals, People, World, Universe, God, Brahman, etc. Are not all words Universal? Where is the personal? Personal is in imagination. But even imagination I did not create!

“What we own owns us!”

As soon as I believe I own something, doesn’t matter what it is, the energy of “ownership” appears in my mind, isn’t it? And now, once the belief in ownership is operating, if that object becomes damaged or destroyed (and it will eventually as all objects are impermanent), I will suffer because I am under the false notion that it belonged to me.

“You have created nothing, but rather are a creation along with everything else!”

The reality is nothing is mine, including this body-mind instrument I now write these words through.

Hold onto Nothing.

Be Free.



Michael Jeffreys

P.S. Note that it’s not wrong to take things personally… but it is suffering. ❤️

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