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AWARENESS VS “MY” AWARENESS… What’s the Difference?

Everything! Awareness is inherently free, but when I imagine it’s “my” Awareness, then it becomes polluted with judgments, criticisms, resentments, guilt, stress, anxiety and fears.

Awareness is pure light and all “my” stories are heavy–shadows, which appear to block the light. And so because the light seems to be blocked, I keep seeking, thus missing the eternal light/peace that’s always already present.

Therefore, the answer is not to be found in seeking (meaning more story), but rather in the falling away of the identification with/as an imaginary “me,” whose nature is as real as Santa Claus! (Let this sink in)

Only when this interest in a separative imaginary existence runs out/dissolves will I truly feel/be at home… the free and impersonal home that is always right here and right now, eternally.

-Michael Jeffreys


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