Q: Spiritual teachers sometimes say, “This moment is perfect as it is.” What are they talking about? New MJ Awakening Blog

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Q: Spiritual teachers sometimes say, “This moment is perfect as it is.” What are they talking about?

MICHAEL: THIS moment… compared to what? Is there any other moment? In order to claim this moment isn’t perfect you would need to know about the existence of another, better moment. Where is this better moment?

Because in order for THIS moment NOT to be eternally perfect/whole we would have to know of and compare it to one that is. But where is this “other” perfect moment located that we are comparing the only moment that IS, with?? Really look for it!

AND WHAT IS DOING THE COMPARING?? (Sit in silence and see if you can actually locate/find the “comparer.”)

Without another moment to compare THIS moment with, what are you left with? Simply what is. However it appears to appear. Period. Which is why its perfection… because there is no other moment!!!

Note that “perfect” doesn’t mean you have to like it. Perfect simply means that whatever IS is perfectly being whatever IS. So pain is perfectly being pain. Fear is perfectly being fear. Anxiety/Uncertainty are perfectly being Anxiety/Uncertainty. Death is perfectly being death. All is perfectly being whatever it’s appearing as.

And if resistance or not liking what IS arises than that too is perfectly what IS, since it’s what’s happening and there is no other moment available where it’s not happening! (Allow this to sink in.)

What IS is ever-new, ever-fresh, ever-alive, never before, never again, one and done, and thus incomparable. Therefore it’s this unnoticed activity of constantly comparing the only moment that is with the mind’s imaginary “better” moment (which doesn’t exist!) that brings suffering. “But I don’t like what is.” Then that’s what is. If that’s what’s arising then that’s what IS. Why make it into a problem? And if you do make it into a problem then THAT is what is!

THIS unfathomable Mystery can never be truly understood or explained. And so without joining in with the mind’s OCD activity of constantly comparing/analyzing one thing against another, there’s simply what IS and ISN’T, perfectly appearing and disappearing nonstop… for no one.

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