Tim Cliss on “This has no agenda… Me’s agenda is suffering.” New MJ Awakening Blog

snail looking


“It is absolutely known (Because it’s all that is it’s impossible to miss, but because the mind can’t do anything with all that is, it overlooks it in hopes of someday finding a better this. -MJ). And it’s completely benign, this is totally benign, because it’s completely free, it’s completely neutral.

This doesn’t have an agenda. It’s only you who has an agenda. Each human being has an agenda. This doesn’t have an agenda at all! It has no direction, it has no desire, it doesn’t have any morality… it’s empty of all values.

Whatever criteria you want to bring to it, it’s only human beings that have brought that to this. And each human being brings its own unique story, and imposes that on this, that it should be a certain way. And you could say that is the root of all suffering.”

-Tim Cliss

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