When the Dream ends so does the “Me.”/1 on 1 sessions. New MJ Awakening Blog


If everything is IT, where would you go to find IT? If everything is IT, what is truly superior or inferior? THIS is IT regardless of what it looks or feels like. Even the rejection of this moment is IT. This is wholeness so free it’s free to imagine limitation and lack. Imagination is a dream that’s not recognized to be a dream. It feels real to the “me” because the “me” is 100% dream, and when the dream ends so does the “me.” So the “me” doesn’t want the dream to end.

1 on 1 sessions

30 min. one-on-one clarity sessions w/ Michael via skype, zoom, or phone. By donation. Please email (mjeffreys1@roadrunner.com) if interested.

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