The YIN-YANG Symbol reminds us that Life/Mind is made of opposites. New MJ Awakening Blog

yin yang

The ancient Chinese Yin-Yang symbol is not just a cool looking graphic that you can hang on your wall or stick on your car bumper, but a simple yet profound reminder that EVERY experience requires it’s opposite in order to exist.

That there is no Yin without Yang nor Yang without Yin. That the two concepts are mutually dependent upon the other for their existence. In other words, without positive there is no negative and without negative there is no positive; without good there is no bad and without bad there is no good.

Which is why wishing for only good things 100% of the time doesn’t work/is not possible/only leads to frustration/suffering. Because the world/mind/life is made of duality. Seeing this clearly is the grace that allows you to surrender to what IS because you are no longer insisting the moment be different than how it is already appearing/unfolding. And if you cannot surrender to what is, than that is what IS.

“Actually, I don’t know what is to accept. Maybe I can accept that I don’t know.” -Vani

Demanding the moment be as “I” wish it to be is ego/resistance/suffering. Seeing the moment as it already IS and that that’s not under my control, is Wisdom.

-Michael Jeffreys


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