You are not “you” and I am not “I”… My conversation with Vani. New MJ Awakening Blog

michael and vani

“What you think of yourself is not yourself and what you think of others is not the other, as there is only ever the One.” -Michael Jeffreys

From my conversation with Vani on Facebook:

MICHAEL: You see, you are not Vani and I am not Michael. These are simply words, names that were given to us as a baby. And this is true for every baby! Take away the thought of names from all babies from all over the world and what’s left?

VANI: Yes. Nobody is the Body, nobody is the Name. We are all programmed and named. The words that we name to the body and words that we give to the mind are all illusions. But it’s the same words from you that made me turn in too. Hahaaa… Illusions can be used as a tool to know the truth then!

MICHAEL: Yes, exactly. Those are called pointers. So most are using words to create more illusion. At satsang with use words to point to truth, which isn’t a word! Words are the currency of the mind.

VANI: Very nice, words are the currency of the mind.. More words, full mind. Less/no words, empty mind. 🙂

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