All is God. (Thinking pretends otherwise.) New MJ Awakening Blog


“To me, living realization is a deep, deep understanding of the fact that everything is that, is the divine, is God, whatever word you want to use… truth, true nature, they’re all the same thing.

And it’s kind of like this circle we make… we go into forgetting what we are in truth, and then we become seekers and want to know what we are.

And what do you think is doing that? What do you think is calling itself back home? The separate self?? As if it exists? No. What is it that goes on this whole journey of seeming forgetfulness?”

-Susanne Marie


MICHAEL: All is God. (Thinking pretends otherwise.)

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  1. Really great. Michael I read that you have published 3 books? Are they on Amazon. Thanks Paul

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