Q: What about PHYSICAL PAIN, DEPRESSION and FATIGUE and wanting results from trying different remedies?

MICHAEL: The body will naturally seek relief from physical pain in whatever way it can… that’s its nature and there’s no problem with that.

The practice is to be as silence is being, rather than getting involved or believing thoughts. If it shows up, that’s what is… you remain silent. (As you know, the mind will fight this suggestion as not being practical, that you need it, etc. No matter. Keep internally silent anyway. Life is doing everything… seeing this is the peace beyond words.)

You can also use bodily pains for deep Self-inquiry by asking yourself, “What is AWARE of the pain that’s arising in this moment?” And then noticing something must be aware of the pain or how would you know about it? What is that? What’s aware of the pain? Put your attention on the Awareness rather than the pain and see what happens.


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