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TRUTH, the Infinite, is changeless.

Thoughts are never not changing.

Thus whenever confusion/suffering arises, I know I am in thought and not Infinite, changeless, Presence.

What to do? Notice this!

Oh, I imagined I was lacking in some way… that I needed something to be complete, to be whole… ha ha, silly me!”  

Michael Jeffreys

2 Responses

  1. Just something that came to my mind:

    A reference is alluded to the fact that all finite things change continuously. Every *thing* is in a continuous state of flux. It is also subtly emphasized that the Infinite never changes; the Infinite is Changeless!

    Intrigued by the above, I attempted to understand this from a perspective of Nyaya (or logic).

    Take the case of: All finite things are continuously changing. Yes, there are innumerable Objects and there also are innumerable Observers of these Objects. An Observer notes the continuous change in every Object that is observed. It is also an established fact that only the Changeless can perceive Change. Change cannot and will not perceive Change. So, there is something in the Observer that is Changeless. It is that Changeless in the Observer which is observing the Change in the Observed. This Changeless in the one Observer notices Change in every Object that is observed by that Observer. Now, there are several other Observers who are each observing Change in several Objects. Every Observer has something Changeless within, that perceives Change in all perceived Objects.

    So, behind every Change, there necessarily is the Changeless. Without the Changeless, there is no observed Change. This is the preliminary understanding about the finite and their continuously changing nature.

    But, how can it be said that the Infinite never Changes? By definition, the Infinite is everything, everywhere in every now. There is no limitation of the Infinite in terms of Space, Time and Object. The Infinite is all encompassing. There is nothing outside the Infinite. The Infinite is timeless, beginningless, endless, eternal. And there is only One Object, the Infinite. There is no second Object. Nothing exists outside the Infinite.

    But, what proves that the Infinite is Changeless? Yes, there is nothing outside the Infinite. There is hence no Observer of the Infinite. There is no Changeless or even that which changes outside the Infinite. Hence, there is nothing that can perceive the Infinite and observe whether the Infinite changes or not.

    Is this proof enough to conclude that the Infinite is Changeless?

  2. Is this describing the Infinite Library?

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