The fact is the map in your head DOES NOT MATCH THE TERRITORY… new MJ Awakening Blog


In order to have a “problem,” the mind must be able to define it. It can’t have a problem without defining specifically what it thinks the problem is. But what if the mind’s conceptual definitions don’t match reality? In other words, what if the map doesn’t actually match the territory?

If this turns out to be the case, but we stubbornly cling to the map in our head, i.e., “this is how the world works (or should work),” out of habit or because “we’ve always done it this way,” or “because it’s how we’ve been taught,” we are going to be constantly frustrated, confused, angry, etc. AND NOT KNOW WHY!?

The fact is the map in your head DOES NOT MATCH THE TERRITORY because what THIS experience is made of is undefinable. For example, the word “bird” is not what is flying across the sky. But as soon as the mind label’s it “bird”, we think we know what it is and quickly move on to the next thing.

Waking up is realizing that none of our definitions actually define reality simply because reality is undefinable. Seeing this clearly, we can begin to relax our attachment to words and begin to take in THIS (whatever is currently arising) ever-present and endlessly changing experience nakedly and directly.

It’s the difference between trying to define and figure what each “flash” in a fireworks show “means,” versus simply enjoying the magical and mysterious display in all its infinite colors, shapes, and sounds. The former creates a sense of frustration and confusion and the latter a sense of awe and wonderment of the total unfathomablity of it all.

Michael Jeffreys



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  1. Excellent, thank you!

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