Death is for the body, not you. New MJ Awakening Blog


Death is for the body, not you. The body has been endlessly growing old and changing since its birth, yet have you not been the unchanging witness throughout? And cannot the same be said for the “self” you take yourself to be. Has not that one also been endlessly changing since it first manifested in your mind? So, if the body and self are ceaselessly changing, where are you in all this?

No where! You are not. That’s the point… there’s isn’t a you!! Seeing this is freedom... for no one. It’s liberation from what was never so, but as long as it was believed seemed to be so. The “tooth fairy” is a made up story and is no different from the story of “me.” Both are illusory, but seem real if believed.

The story of “me,” like the “tooth fairy,” is a fiction, and not your essential nature. Now it’s time to awaken from that imagined limitation. To shed our ignorance and see that you were never that bound one, because you now know/realize/understand with your entire being that you have always been eternally free. 

Michael Jeffreys

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