2 reasons why seeking for your unlimited nature can’t ever work. New MJ Awakening Blog



Seeking is made of two different parts: the seeker and the sought (duality). I seek to obtain, in the future, something that I currently do not possess. So if I want a root beer, I can go out and obtain it. However, when it comes to searching for my true nature, seeking fails on at least two accounts:

1) How can a limited entity (me) obtain a limited object (anything in the world), and expect to have that make me unlimited. A limitation plus a limitation does not equal unlimitedness. If I have a pound of coffee and I add a second pound of coffee, I do not end up with unlimited amounts of coffee.

2) I can’t seek for myself because I already am myself. 

Imagine a piece of chocolate seeking for a piece of chocolate!? Since it doesn’t recognize itself as chocolate, it spends all its energy looking for chocolate. It will never find it because if it knew what chocolate was it would realize it’s chocolate and the search would be over. It doesn’t realize that IT’S what it’s looking for. It just needs to stop long enough to realize this.

Michael Jeffreys


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