Why no OBJECT has the power to complete you. New MJ Awakening Blog


“Objects don’t work as the source of happiness for a very simple reason: I seek completeness when I am already complete. I do this because I do not know who I am.”

James Swartz, from The Essence of Enlightenment

MICHAEL: An object can’t complete what is already complete.

Meditation Question:

Has ANY object ever brought me permanent, lasting, unchanging satisfaction??

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for your post Michael.An important question to ponder.As a seeker I now see that Vedanta is the true path to Self Knowledge and Moksha…I now view neo advaita as incomplete as it doesn’t have a teaching to purify the mind of ignorance and vasanas. Blissings, Glenda

    • Yes Glenda, I came to the same conclusion! Blessings, Michael

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