Q: What is SUPERIMPOSITION? New MJ Awakening Blog



A: “Projecting a subjective value on an object is called superimposition and appears in two forms: 1) mistaking an object for something else and 2) adding a value to an object that is not inherent in the nature of the object.”

James Swartz (from, The Essence of Enlightenment)

MICHAEL: An example of the former is the classic mistaking a rope for a snake. The rope is harmless, but if I “superimpose” a snake on it, I have imagined it’s something it’s not (and I suffer the consequences, i.e. fear).

Note that if I am not aware that my mind is doing this, I will go around “superimposing” unconsciously onto other people and situations on a daily basis and thus not understand why my life is such a mess.

An example of the latter is thinking that someone “belongs” to me. Every being is inherently free, but if I imagine somebody is “mine,” then I am “superimposing” a quality onto that person/object that it does not inherently possess (and again, I suffer the consequences of my mistaken belief, i.e. jealousy).

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