You’ve NEVER been a thought… and you’re not one now. New MJ Awakening Blog


The problem is not the thought, “this sucks.” The problem is that you are mistakenly identifying as the one whose having the thought. But can this entity that’s claiming to have the thought actually be found? No. Why? Because upon earnest investigation, it’s seen clearly that the idea of being the claimant is simply another thought!
What are you then? You are that which is aware of all thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, etc. Now here’s the kicker: the mind down plays this. It doesn’t take awareness to be anything important or valuable, so it simply discards it since it can’t see it, taste it, or touch it.
Freedom is seeing that whatever the mind is claiming, you are always aware of that. Once you see this, you stop reacting to the thoughts because you no longer mistake them to be you. You’ve NEVER been a thought… and you’re not one now.

Michael Jeffreys

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